I like working with direct clients. These include individuals who need the services of a sworn translator, legal professionals, public institutions and international organizations. I also work with selected translation firms that adhere to professional translation standards.

My translations are trustworthy and professional. With my 12 years of experience and continuous training, I am able to offer premium, specialized services.

I am a member of three professional associations in Spain (Asetrad, UniCo and APTIJ). I work in accordance with the ethical principles of the profession and keep up to date with developments in the professional translation and revision market.

01. Legal and sworn translation

I have completed dedicated continuous training – in French and Spanish – in my specialty areas: commercial and business law, family and inheritance law, and criminal law. I am also a sworn translator of French, appointed in 2012 by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

02. Texts for institutions and international organizations

Public communications and institutional texts represent 40% of my work. I translate and revise documents for international organizations and research institutes in the field of international development, public health, the environment and food. I also work for public institutions in France in the field of international relations and diplomacy.

03. Creative content, writing and proofreading

I translate and revise a range of communications and marketing content for the fashion, cosmetics and tourism industries, brochures and presentations for museums, and agroecology and renewable energy projects. I also offer proofreading and rewriting services.

04. Social sciences and humanities, journalism and publishing

Academic articles and research papers on topics related to Latin America for electronic journals, translation of political articles for the press, speeches and conference proceedings, theses and more.